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RichMark Research Report #20 (RR20): Akash

We invested in Akash because we believe the need for decentralized cloud computing is essential for Web3. With content constantly being removed and restricted by companies like Youtube, Facebook & Twitter, its time for content to be censorship resistant. This is a core of the Akash vision. Their marketplace model which works like Airbnb, where those who have spare cloud space can sell it to those who need space is the perfect way to reduce costs and decentralize the data at the same time. A project like Akash we see as a great long term investment and a core need in a Web3 world.

Below is our 20th research report. This week it is on ‘Akash’. Enjoy and leave your thoughts or feedback. We’d love to hear from you and turn our research report drops into ongoing discussions that will help facilitate thoughts/opinions throughout the crypto community.

RichMark Capital RR20: Akash by Mark Anthony Hill II