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RichMark Research Report #19 (RR19): Meld

We invested in Meld because being able to get cash for your crypto while still maintaining your holdings is a service all crypto holders love. Since you can lend & borrow in fiat, its the closest thing to a true crypto bank we’ve seen so far. We think their core products, a Crypto-Backed Credit Line (CBCL), and their ‘Genius Loan’, where the customer collateralizes their cryptocurrency and takes out a loan with a slightly higher interest rate will become frequently used options by crypto holders. We believe it’s highly undervalued when looking at its market cap with a lot of room for growth in the medium to long term.

Below is our 19th research report. This week it is on ‘Meld’. Enjoy and leave your thoughts or feedback. We’d love to hear from you and turn our research report drops into ongoing discussions that will help facilitate thoughts/opinions throughout the crypto community.

RichMark Capital RR19: Meld by Mark Anthony Hill II