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RichMark Research Report #14 (RR14): Gala Music

We have seen projects like Royal, Audius, Opulous crack the door open to decentralizing music and bringing royalties back in the hands of the artists. They also have put power in the hands of fans. We believe Gala Music is taking this to the next level. By introducing their ‘Player Nodes’ which empower music lovers and their Music NFT’s that empower artists, we believe Gala Music is putting itself in a space all its own in both the music and blockchain spaces.

Below is our 14th research report. This week it is on ‘Gala Music’. Enjoy and leave your thoughts or feedback. We’d love to hear from you and turn our research report drops into ongoing discussions that will help facilitate thoughts/opinions throughout the crypto community.

RichMark Capital RR14: Gala Music by Mark Anthony Hill II