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RichMark Research Report #13 (RR13): Phantasma

We all have seen projects like Axie Infinity, Sandbox & Decentraland create new economies and opportunities for gamers & brands. We believe Smart NFT’s & blockchains dedicated solely to the needs of game developers looking to provide a new experience for gamers will lead in the next wave of gaming entertainment. Phantasma’s layer 1 blockchain has created this framework and will open up unlimited possibilities & incredible experiences for gamers. We believe Phantasma has a bright future ahead.

Below is our 13th research report. This week it is on ‘Phantasma’. Enjoy and leave your thoughts or feedback. We’d love to hear from you and turn our research report drops into ongoing discussions that will help facilitate thoughts/opinions throughout the crypto community.

RichMark Capital RR13: Phantasma by Mark Anthony Hill II