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Our Investments


The Rails Of Web3

At RichMark Capital, we invest mainly in infrastructure based protocols. Layer 0’s/1’s/2’s, scaling solutions, DeCloud and API’s are core investments for us. We believe these will be the rails that frame & power Web3.

Long Term.

Investing In Visionaries

We focus on projects we believe will be around for years. Our core strategy is to invest in founders with world changing ideas. Identifying early stage opportunities are where the majority of our research, time & capital is allocated.

Our Thesis

Web3 = User Owned Data.

Data Owned By Users

A part of our thesis at RichMark Capital is that Web3 will enable users to own, protect and monetize their data. This transfer in data ownership will rip apart current monopolies and lead the way in the formation of new businesses, while empowering users.

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Gaming Will Grow Crypto Adoption.

The On-Ramp To Mass Adoption

We believe crypto games are where the majority of people will 1st interact with crypto and the blockchain on a daily basis. Games will be the on-ramp to crypto adoption because this is where there’s a clear consumer use case for crypto.

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Connecting The Dots.

The End Users Perspective.

We invest from a users perspective. We try to analyze a project based on how we feel the end user would benefit. Projects we invest in better the end user experience.

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Self Funded.

A Different Take On VC.

Since RichMark Capital is a family fund, we don’t have any LP’s. Mark Anthony & Rich lead all of the investment decisions for our fund. If we work with a project on a seed raise, a series raise or a token offering, they can count on us truly believing in the project & the team personally.

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The Partners


Interoperability will enable the infrastructure needed for mass crypto adoption.


Crypto gaming will be the on-ramp for crypto adoption at scale.